The best way for kids ages 6-13 to learn how to code.

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Coding is the new literacy...

But learning to code is hard.

Over 30% of college students majoring in computer science drop out within the first 2 years. Teaching kids without discouraging them requires a radical new approach. That’s why we created BlockSchool.

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The critical skill of the 21st century.

Your child should learn to code.

Coding is proving to be a critical skill for the 21st century. By 2020, there will be more than 1 million unfulfilled tech jobs. Understanding how technology works is key to participating in the modern-day economy.

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Fun, Efficient, & Created for Kids 6 to 13.

BlockSchool puts students into fun Minecraft-like world where everything can be controlled by writing code.

Your Child's New Favorite Place to Learn

• Fun Minecraft-like world
• Typing free, basic reading
• 50 minutes video-chat classes
• Optional assignments for after class
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Emi Takemura, Tokyo

Wharton MBA, Mother of 2

“Our kids love one-on-one classes with fun and yet challenging activities. It is awesome to progress at their own pace, so that they are both engaged and excited to have next lesson.”

3 Courses for Beginner to Advanced

Each of our courses take about 4 months to complete. We recommend each of our students start with the Game Track.

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Game Course

Visual Programming
Ages 6-10

Students use our visual programming language called “Puzzle” to learn the basics of loops, conditionals, variables, and functions. Using Puzzle, they can build amazing structures in BlockWorld.

Web Course

JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Ages 8-12

Students will learn how to make webpages in BlockWorld. Webpages are displayed as signs and billboards! Using JavaScript, students can make them interactive just like any web page on the Internet!

Data Course

Ages 10+

In the Data Course, students will learn how to use data structures to accomplish more complicated goals in BlockWorld. They will learn to clean, visualize, and manipulate data using advanced techniques.

World-class teachers from top colleges and companies.

With the ability to hire teachers from anywhere, we can attract the highest quality teachers across North America.

Tony Diepenbrock, UPenn 2013

The Best Teachers 24/7

BlockSchool teachers are smart, kind, and great with kids. We only hire 5% of the teachers who apply. As a parent, you get to choose which teacher you want and when.

All of our teachers:

• Have coding experience
• Are from top US colleges
• Have received a background check
• Speak English natively
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