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Keep hearing that your kid should code but not sure where to start?

It seems like every day the news reports how coding is the new literacy, robots are taking our jobs, and students are skipping college to go to coding bootcamps. As a parent, this might sound confusing and scary!

Luckily you've come to the right place! The "BlockSchool Kids Coding Guide" explains everything you need to know and how to make the best decisions for your child.

What's BlockSchool?

BlockSchool is an online coding school for kids ages 6-13! Book a top college tutor to teach your child how to code, from home.
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• Private and group online classes
• Build awesome 3D block-based games
• 50 minutes video-chat classes
• Optional assignments for after class

You might be thinking...

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An online class!? I don't trust a stranger with my kids!

Don't worry, you are not alone. Every parent is concerned about this, which is why all of our tutors get a background check and undergo an intensive interview process. We also only hire the very best—our tutors are from top colleges and companies like Stanford and Facebook.

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In-person instruction is always better.

Is the teacher of your child's favorite class AWESOME? We bet so! Finding an in-person kids coding tutor can be a real challenge which is why we recruit from across the US finding you a tutor your child will love. Best of all, our pricing is the best you'll find in the industry!

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My child's school already teaches coding.

Many schools are beginning to teach coding and that's great! Most BlockSchool students already take classes at school. Adding more to what your child is doing in school can accelerate learning even more.

What People Are Saying About Us

Ryan Bubinski

Founder of Codecademy, BlockSchool Investor

"Learning to code is a tremendous advantage for anyone in this new digital economy. BlockSchool is the perfect way to make coding a regular activity that will follow your child for life."

Emi Takemura

BlockSchool Customer & Wharton MBA

"Our kids love one-on-one classes with fun and yet challenging activities. It is awesome to progress at their own pace, so that they are both engaged and excited to have next lesson."

Terrance Fung

BlockSchool Customer, Gaming Executive

"We have our three children and several friends' children in the program. Our kids love the classes which are oriented around leveraging visual blocks. They're building their confidence through easier discrete projects and then moving towards designing more complex games/apps. Every week, the kids are super excited to show us their progress which has been amazing to see."

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