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BlockSchool’s course is made up of the best resources across the web, including our own programmable Minecraft-like world.
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From Scratch to Real Code

Our course teaches everything from visual programming like Scratch to true software engineering.

Phase 1: Visual Programming

Ages 5-11

For this phase, we use Scratch, BlockWorld, and other visual programming tools to introduce the core concepts of computer science like loops, if statements, and objects.

Skills Covered

1. Sequences

2. Events

3. Loops

4. Variables

Phase 2: JavaScript (Woof.JS)

Ages 8-13

For this phase, we use Woof to introduce syntax, lists, and functions. Woof requires typing, but it was created to bridge the big gap between visual programming and raw JavaScript, a popular language but one with many quirks kids will struggle with.

Skills Covered

1. Typing & Syntax

2. Arrays

3. Functions

4. Objects

Phase 3: Web Development

Ages 10-15

For this phase, we introduce HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which are the core components of the web. Students will learn how to build their own websites and design them in fun and cool ways.

Skills Covered


2. CSS

3. JavaScript

4. DOM

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