Courses that balance effectiveness with fun.

Our team of top engineers and curriculum designers have created the ultimate way to teach kids and teens how to code in a fun gamified block-based world.

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What is BlockWorld?

A block-based world where everything can be controlled by writing code.

We created BlockWorld because learning to code is hard. By gamifying learning in a engaging 3D world, students are excited for class, and learn faster. Students complete exercises with right and wrong answers, and projects with personalized goals.

While in a live class, the teacher appears as a character in BlockWorld alongside the video chat. Out of class, students can complete exercises and projects whenever they want.

Exercises & Projects

We created exercises with right and wrong answers to ensure students get the repetition they need to retain concepts. We also create projects which have goals, but allows for the student to personalize how they achieve that goal. For example, a student might need to build a house, but there are lots of ways to do that!

Your Child's New Favorite Place to Learn

• Fun Minecraft-like world
• Typing free, basic reading
• 50 minutes video-chat classes
• Optional assignments for after class
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Visual Programming, JavaScript, & Python

In BlockWorld, kids can code Puzzle, our proprietary visual programming language, JavaScript, and Python! We introduce core concepts with Puzzle, and then reinforce and build upon them with Python and JavaScript.

Personalized Learning Paths

• Learn the core concepts, then syntax
• Accomplish same goals differnt ways
• Modify, remix, and hack BlockWorld
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Gamified Creative Fun

In BlockWorld, kids will encounter all sorts of fun mysteries. They will need to harvest resources, save animals, build structures, and more! We believe kids learn best when they are engaged, which is why we created BlockWorld.

Crafted by Experts, Loved by Kids

• Gamified world with fun goals
• All content available after class
• Save progress, unlock new achievements

3 Courses for Beginner to Advanced

Each one of our courses is carefully designed to introduce new computer science concepts in a fun and engaging way. As a subscriber, students get access to all courses.

Game Course

Visual Programming
Beginners, Ages 6-10

In the Game Course, students use our visual programming language called Puzzle to learn the very basics of loops, conditionals, variables, and functions. Using these concepts, they can build amazing structures in BlockWorld.

Concepts taught:

• Sequences and ordering
• Loops and patterns
• Variables and functions
• Spatial & creative thinking

Web Course

JavaScript, HTML, CSS
Intermediate, Ages 8-12

In the web course, students will learn how to make webpages in BlockWorld. Webpages are displayed as signs and billboards! Using JavaScript, students can make them interactive just like any web page on the Internet!

Concepts taught:

• Web development
• Syntax, lists, arrays
• Event-based JS programming
• Client-to-server relationship

Data Course

Python & Data Structures
Advanced, Ages 10+

In the Data course, students will learn how to use data structures to accomplish more complicated goals in BlockWorld. They will learn to clean, visualize, and manipulate data using advanced techniques.

Concepts taught:

• Data structures (lists, stacks, and more)
• Creative visualization of data
• Simple algorithms
• Algorithmic efficiency

Still Confused?

Read our 9-page guide that answers everything you need to know about kids coding.