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BlockSchool offers a free 30 minute class for every new student, from complete beginner to advanced. All you need is a Windows or Mac with a camera and microphone. Parents are encouraged to participate too!
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Common Questions

1. Who will be the teacher?
A lead teacher will conduct the free trial class. For purchased classes, you will be able to choose the teacher you want and when.
2. Do you support iPad or other tablets?
We are working on supporting iOS and Android. Please contact us if you need this.
3. Will I need to install any software?
Yes, you will need to install Zoom, a free screensharing product used by 600,000+ businesses. Zoom supports any Windows and Mac computer and laptop.
4. My child has done some coding before, will this be too easy?
During the free class, the BlockSchool teacher will assess your child’s ability level, and place them into the course accordingly. If you have any of your child’s sample projects, please include them after you pick a day and time. If you don’t have anything, that’s ok too.
5. I have two kids, should I schedule 1 or 2 free classes?
It is up to you! Just keep in mind that the free trial teacher won’t necessarily be the same teacher you choose for purchased classes.
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Have a question?
Click to call us: 415-967-0835