Class Pricing - Flexible & Affordable

As an online-only school with no overhead, we can offer personalized 1-on-1 classes with amazing teachers for a better price compared to the big group class across town.
Supports 2 Students per Class
Access to All Course Content
Cancel for Free 24h Before Class

Gates Plan

• One 50 min. classes per week
• Make up missed class within 2 weeks
• Guest student permitted
• Billed monthly
• Cancel at any time, no fees

$199/mo (3 month min)

Zuckerberg Plan

• 25 classes, 50 minutes each
• No weekly class requirements
• Guest student permitted
• Billed upfront
• Class credits never expire

$899 upfront

With all of our packages:

1. Parents may reschedule a class 24 hours before it begins
2. Students will receive project assignments and optional homework
3. Parents will receive an email and video as a progress update

Common Questions

1. How can a guest student join the classes?

Although we only support 1 purchaser, we let a guest student join any class you schedule. The guest student can be anyone–a sibling, friend, cousin, etc.
The guest student may or may not be working on the same portion of the course as your child. The teacher will help each child when necessary. The guest student will need their own computer however.

2. What's the difference between the monthly and upfront plans?

The monthly plans require that you complete 1 or 2 classes per week, and if you miss one, you have 2 weeks to make it up. The upfront plan doesn't have any restrictions, and classes may be booked at any frequency. The class credits never expire too.

3. How can I cancel a class?

You may cancel any class 24 hours prior to the start time at no cost. If you purchased a monthly package, you will be required to make that class up within 2 weeks.
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