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Book a trial class on Outschool.

We offer a 25 minute trial class at a discounted rate for all new students

Book a Trial Class

Tony Diepenbrock

BlockSchool CEO

"Even if you don't eventually book classes with us, my trial class is one of the best and easiest ways to learn more about whether your child loves coding. I make the class fun and engaging for students of all levels. Parents are encouraged to participate and ask questions too, I can probably answer them!"

Common Questions

1. Why can't I get a free trial?

To make sure you show up to the trial! We used to offer free trials, but a lot of free trial customers wouldn't show up. For a 30-minute class with our CEO, we believe $10 is a fair price even if you don't book classes with us later!

2. Who will be the teacher?

Our CEO Tony Diepenbrock conducts all trial classes right now.

3. How much does it cost after the trial?

We have both private classes that start at ~$45 per class, and group classes for less.

4. Do you support iPad and other tablets?

Not yet, but we are working on it!

5. My child knows how to code, will this be too easy?

During the trial class, the BlockSchool teacher will assess your child's ability level, and place them into the course accordingly. If you have any of your child's sample projects, please include them after you pick a day and time. If you don't have anything, that's ok too.

6. I have two kids, should I schedule 1 or 2 trial classes?

Please schedule them back to back for $10 each.