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By being an online school, BlockSchool can hire world-class teachers available at the times you need them. All of our tutors attend top colleges or work for companies like Facebook, Microsoft, or Google.

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We only hire ~5% of the teachers who apply to be BlockSchool teachers. All of our tutors...
Attend a top college or work for a top company
Has experience teaching kids in a classroom or camp
Passes extensive interview & background check

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Most of our classes are conducted weekly, so you can book the same teacher on the same day at the same time. Our goal is to make your life easy!

Tyra Draper

College: Brigham Young University
Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey
Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin
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I'm a student at Brigham Young University studying Computer Engineering. I've been coding since high school and have experience with Java, C++, HTML, and Python. I love teaching people, so I've been working as a teacher's assistant for our entry-level computer science class. I think it's important to get kids excited about coding early, which is why I like being a teacher here. In my free time I like dancing and spending time outdoors.

Jordan Hodder

College: Brown University
Hometown: New York, New York
Languages: English, Mandarin
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Jordan is a student at Brown University studying Mechanical Engineering. He plays Ultimate Frisbee and is a member of his school's FSAE team, where he helps design and construct a formula racecar for an international competition. In his free time, Jordan loves to play guitar, read, and spend time outdoors.

Walker Steere

College: University of Washington
Hometown: Menlo Park, CA
Languages: English, Spanish
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I grew up in Menlo Park California and currently go to the University of Washington to study Applied Mathematics. I have been coding for about five years and work primarily in Matlab and SQL now. Growing up, I loved expressing creativity through Legos. I really enjoyed the structure and symmetry that they offered and I see a lot of creative parallels that can be accessed through coding. I think coding doesn't always have to be a rigorous activity (though it certainly can be). In my free time I like to hike, play sports, read and enjoy music.

Taylor Kennedy

College: Colby College
Hometown: Hanson, MA
Languages: English, Spanish
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As a student at Colby College, I am pursuing a major in biology with a neuroscience concentration and a computer science minor. My passions include running, volunteering, and, of course, the sciences. I am also highly interested in the intersection of computer science and medicine. My aim is to attend medical school and specialize in either psychiatry or neurology. However, if I wasn't planning on entering the medical field, it's highly likely that I would pursue a career in education, as I have a deep love of learning, teaching, and meeting new people.

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